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Zulkilabar 2 years ago
I loved your body your pussy you're beautiful, like I want to suck you all. I want to fuck with you, a kiss, you're very hot, you look like a goddess.I love you.
Arashitilar 2 years ago
Silencing voices you do not like, whatever your methods, is antithetical to the principle of freedom of speech. This broadly includes things like that tacky display. It's silly and stupid, yes. It's also on the guy's property, paid for by the guy. It doesn't cause anyone any harm. So since she decided to destroy it , she's in the wrong.
Goran 2 years ago
I like a woman like becky almost called you betty u so loveable like I just want to love you in all ways
Kazijinn 2 years ago
actually pic 1 was my good start of the day.

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